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WELCOME TO mhv/2019

Mile High Video 2019 is a technically focused workshop, organized by Comcast NBCUniversal, open for the broadcast/cable/OTT community at large. This year, it took place on July 30th and 31st in Denver, CO where the community has been growing rapidly with local companies.
Presentations and recordings are now available, and the access information was shared with the attendees.
Click here for the mhv/2018 site.
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Workshop PosterAgenda


The agenda was put together by a program committee of 14 members from various technical contributor organizations after a careful review of 70+ submissions.


8:20am: Opening

  • Workshop Purpose, Ground Rules and Agenda Overview (10 min)
    Ali C. Begen, Technical Consultant, Comcast

8:30am: Encoding

  • Optimizing Multi-Codec Streaming Delivery (30 min)
    Yuriy Reznik, Fellow, Brightcove
  • Deep Neural Networks for Video Coding (30 min)
    Dan Grois, Principal Researcher, Comcast
  • The Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Standard on the Final Stretch (30 min)
    Benjamin Bross, Project Manager, Fraunhofer HHI
  • AV1: One Year Later (30 min)
    Nathan Egge, Video Codec Engineer, Mozilla and Brion Vibber, Lead Software Architect, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Improvements in x265 Encoder (10 min)
    Kavitha Sampath, Senior Video Engineer, MulticoreWare
  • Content-Aware Encoding for Next-Gen Content (10 min)
    Mickael Raulet, Director, Research & Innovations, ATEME

10:50am: Break

11:10am: Ingest and Quality

  • Specification of Live Media Ingest (30 min)
    Rufael Mekuria, Senior R&D Engineer, Unified Streaming
  • VMAF: the Journey Continues (30 min)
    Zhi Li, Senior Engineer, Netflix
  • Accurately Measuring the Perceived Video Quality on Mobile Devices (10 min)
    Sebastiaan Van Leuven, Senior Video Engineer, Twitter
  • Challenges in High-Quality HDR Content Distribution (10 min)
    Zhou Wang, Chief Science Officer, SSIMWave Inc. and Professor, University of Waterloo

12:30pm: Lunch

  • Welcome Remarks (15 min)
    Weidong Mao, Senior Fellow, Comcast

1:30pm: Transport

  • From gQUIC to IETF QUIC and Beyond (30 min)
    Ian Swett, QUIC Tech Lead, Google
  • Key Technical Challenges for Multicast-Assisted ABR Video Delivery Systems (30 min)
    Jeff Van Dyke, Senior Director of Technology, Akamai
  • SRT Technical Discussion (30 min)
    Barry Owen, VP Solutions Engineering, Wowza
  • Broadcasting WebRTC Group Chats (10 min)
    Can Bal, Staff Software Engineer, Twitter

3:10pm: Break

3:30pm: Distribution

  • It is Time for OTT Services to Move to the Edge (30 min)
    Steve Miller Jones, VP of Product Strategy, Limelight Networks
  • P2P & Multisourcing: Delivering High-Quality Streaming at Scale (30 min)
    Pierre-Louis Théron, CEO, Streamroot
  • Mass-Scale, Fault Tolerant OTT Delivery of Live Content (30 min)
    Yuriy Reznik, Fellow, Brightcove
  • Microservices and Media: Are We There Yet? (30 min)
    Chris Lennon, President & CEO, MediAnswers
  • How Live OTT Services can Match the Quality of Broadcast (30 min)
    Thierry Fautier, VP of Video Strategy, Harmonic

6-7:30pm: Wowza Happy Hour (Crystal Peak Ballroom, 38th floor)


8:30am: Low Latency

  • Panel on Low Latency: Encoding, Delivery and Players (40 min)
    Moderator: Alex Giladi, Distinguished Architect, Comcast
    Panelists: Tim Dougherty (Wowza), Will Law (Akamai), Ali C. Begen (Comcast) and Paul MacDougall (Bitmovin)
  • LHLS Media Streaming at Twitter (30 min)
    Mark Kalman, Staff Engineer, Twitter
  • Panel Q&A (20 min)
    Moderator: Alex Giladi, Distinguished Architect, Comcast

10am: Break

10:30am: Players and Analytics

  • The Evolution of Video APIs (30 min)
    Phil Cluff, Streaming Specialist, Mux
  • Player Optimizations (30 min)
    Will Law, Chief Media Architect, Akamai
  • Major Metrics and Key Indicators of Faults and Malfunctions in Linear Broadcasting (30 min)
    Andrey Pozdnyakov, President, Elecard Devices LLC
  • Building a Flexible Data Infrastructure for Streaming Video (30 min)
    Michael Skariah, CTO, Datazoom

12:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Ads

  • Machine Learning Applications in the MVPD Space: Digital Video Advertising (30 min)
    Srilal Weera, Principal Engineer, Charter
  • Google Ad Manager SSAI for DASH (30 min)
    Rohit Wagle, Software Engineer, Google
  • Case Study on Blackout Implementation Using SCTE-224 (10 min)
    Rosaiah Jujjuru, Principal Engineer, Charter
  • The Future of SSAI on OTT Devices (10 min)
    Phil Cluff, Streaming Specialist, Mux

2:50pm: Break

3:10pm: Deployment Experiences

  • Engineering a Live Streaming Workflow for Super Bowl 53 (30 min)
    Krystal Mejia, Software Engineer, CBS Interactive
  • Scaling Live OTT with DASH (30 min)
    Zachary Cava, Software Architect, Hulu
  • Challenges with Closed Captioning for an MSO (10 min)
    Rob Taylor, Principal Engineer, Comcast
  • VoD2live: How We can Be Efficient in Mixing VoD and Live Streaming (10 min)
    Gabriele Ubertini, Technical Director, Sky
  • A Standard for Video QoE Metrics (10 min)
    Steve Heffernan, Head of Product, Mux
  • Security Threats and Real-World Attacks (10 min)
    Jonathan Friend, CEO, Friend MTS
  • How Airlines are Embracing Content Industry Ecosystems in Inflight Entertainment (10 min)
    Michael Childers, Chief Consultant, Content and Media Strategy, Lufthansa Systems

5pm: DASH and HLS

  • DASH Updates (30 min)
    Iraj Sodagar, Principal Multimedia Architect, Tencent
  • HLS Updates (30 min) [This talk will not be recorded]
    Josh Tidsbury, Media Technologies Evangelist, Apple
  • Closing
    Alex Giladi, Distinguished Architect, Comcast

6-8pm: Demuxed Happy Hour (Crystal Peak Ballroom, 38th floor)

Download the Agenda


Registration for the workshop is free of charge, however, it is mandatory and the space is limited.



Grand Hyatt Denver (Aspen Room, 2nd floor)
1750 Welton Street, Denver, CO 80202


We are grateful for the technical contributions from the following organizations.

Advanced Television Systems Committee
CTA Web Application Video Ecosystem
DASH Industry Forum
Digital Video Broadcasting
Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV
Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
Streaming Video Alliance
Virtual Reality Industry Forum
World Wide Web Consortium
Ultra HD Forum


For the workshop related matters, email the organizers.

For the Website related matters, email Ali C. Begen.

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