mhv/2020 Agenda

Session #1: What to Use for Encoding
Dec. 1st, Tuesday, 08:10am MT - Chaired by Yasser Syed (Comcast)

Versatile Video Coding (VVC) – the New Standard and Its Capabilities (30 mins)

Gary Sullivan (Microsoft)

MPEG-5 Essential Video Coding (EVC) Standard (20 mins)

Kiho Choi (Samsung)

An Introduction to the First Compression Enhancement Standard: MPEG-5 LCEVC (20 mins)

Guido Meardi (V-Nova)

Comparison Assessment of Emerging EVC and VVC Video Coding Standards with HEVC and AV1 (30 mins)

Dan Grois (Comcast)

Early Live Trials of VVC and EVC for OTT Delivery (20 mins)

Thibaud Biatek (ATEME)

Session #2: How to Do Encoding
Dec. 1st, Tuesday, 10:30am MT - Chaired by Carys Hughes (Sky UK)

Benefits of AI-Improved Video Compression for OTT during Crisis (20 mins)

Jean-Louis Diascorn (Harmonic)

Deep Neural Networks for Video Coding: Recent Advances in Standardization (20 mins)

Dan Grois (Comcast)

x266 – an Open Source VVC Encoder (20 mins)

Santhoshini Sekar (MulticoreWare)

CAE-Based Intelligent Optimization Algorithms for AV1 Encoding (20 mins)

Zoe Liu (Visionular)

Is Bitrate Reduction the Only Way to Tackle Traffic Increase? (20 mins)

Thierry Fautier (Harmonic)

Video Compression with Film Grain Aesthetics Preservation (20 mins)

Mickael Raulet (ATEME)

Session #3: Workflows
Dec. 2nd, Wednesday, 08:00am MT - Chaired by Madeleine Noland (ATSC)

Synchronizing Geo-Redundant Origins (10 mins)

Adam Ross (Comcast)

Building a Dynamic Mapping Service for Video Ingest (20 mins)

Douglas Bay (Sinclair Digital)

Usage of Video Signaling Code Points for Automating UHD and HD Production-to-Distribution Workflows (20 mins)

Yasser Syed (Comcast), Chris Seeger (NBCUniversal)

Native Processing of Transport Streams to/from Uncompressed IP (20 mins)

Kieran Kunhya (Open Broadcast Systems)

Fenix Project - Rising to a Full Disaster Recovery from Ashes (20 mins)

Davide Gandino (Sky Italy)

Multi-Key DRM for Secure and Efficient Video Services (20 mins)

David Eisenbacher (EZDRM)

Building a Cross-Platform Automated Testing Suite (20 mins)

Maxime Huynh (Lumen)

Session #4: Ads and Measurements
Dec. 2nd, Wednesday, 10:30am MT - Chaired by Iraj Sodagar (Tencent)

Ad Strategies beyond the Veil (20 mins)

David Hassoun (RealEyes)

Expecting the Unexpected: Managing Unplanned Media Transitions in DASH Live Streaming (20 mins)

Dave Romrell (CommScope)

SVA's End-to-End Ad Monitoring (20 mins)

Christopher Kulbakas (CBC), Mourad Kioumgi (Sky UK), Brenton Ough (Touchstream), Waqas Malik (SSIMWAVE), Dan Murray (Telestream)

Audio Content Analytics: Measuring What Matters (20 mins)

Sripal Mehta (Dolby)

Minimizing Manifest Overhead (20 mins)

Alex Giladi (Comcast)

Discovering Relevant Content in the Blink of an Eye (20 mins)

Martin Prins (Media Distillery)

Session #5: Interop and Standards
Dec. 3rd, Thursday, 08:00am MT - Chaired by Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm)

20 Years of Streaming in 20 Minutes (20 mins)

Yuriy Reznik (Brightcove), Christian Timmerer (Bitmovin)

HASHing It out - Bringing Interoperability to DASH and HLS (30 mins)

Zachary Cava (Hulu), Patrick Gendron (Harmonic)

DVB-I: Linear Television with Internet Technologies (20 mins)

Paul Higgs (Huawei)

MPEG Immersive Video (20 mins)

Jill Boyce (Intel)

Overview of MPEG's Network Based Media Processing (10 mins)

Iraj Sodagar (Tencent)

NEXTGEN TV: Delivering a Unified Experience for Broadcast and Cable (20 mins)

Mark Myslinski (Synamedia)

Update on CTA WAVE's Tools (10 mins)

Bob Campbell (Eurofins Digital Testing)

Session #6: Industry Trends
Dec. 3rd, Thursday, 10:30am MT - Chaired by Jeff Webb (Sky UK)

Video CDN Trends: Latest Pricing, Customer Challenges and Growth Opportunities (20 mins)

Dan Rayburn (Frost & Sullivan)

Common Media Client Data (20 mins)

Will Law (Akamai)

An Overview of the Reliable Internet Stream Transport Protocol (20 mins)

Ciro Noronha (Cobalt Digital / RIST Forum)

Deepfakes: Finding a Durable Approach to Preserving Trust (20 mins)

Roderick Hodgson (Amber Video)

The Why and How of Subjective Video Quality Assessment (20 mins)

Tamar Shoham (Beamr)

Deep Encode - Machine Learning for Per-Title Encoding (20 mins)

Daniel Silhavy (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

Session #7: Low Latency
Dec. 4th, Friday, 08:00am MT - Chaired by Will Law (Akamai)

Operator Grade Leanback TV Experience with OTT Streaming (20 mins)

Johan Vounckx (THEO Technologies)

Achieving Low Latency - the Next Steps (20 mins)

Morten V. Pedersen (Steinwurf ApS)

Adventures in Cutting Every Last Millisecond from Latency (20 mins)

Kieran Kunhya (Open Broadcast Systems)

Accurate Bandwidth Tracking and Prediction in Streaming Applications (10 mins)

May Lim (National University of Singapore)

ABR Algorithms for Low-Latency Live Streaming (10 mins)

Tomasz Lyko (Lancaster University)

Broadcasting Low-Latency OTT Content with ATSC3 and DVB-mABR (20 mins)

Romain Bouqueau (GPAC Licensing)

Streaming Extremely High Resolution Video for Remote Event Attendance (20 mins)

Rob Koenen (Tiledmedia), Richard Mills (Sky UK)

Web API Developments: MSE, EME and MediaCapabilities (30 mins)

Matt Wolenetz (Google), Joey Parrish (Google), Chris Cunningham (Google)

Session #8: Enhancing Streaming
Dec. 4th, Friday, 10:30am MT - Chaired by Ali C. Begen (Ozyegin University and Comcast)

Viewer-Aware Optimization (20 mins)

Abdul Rehman (SSIMWAVE)

Device-Side Delivery Intelligence: Mesh Networks and Multi-CDN Load Balancing (20 mins)

Pierre-Louis Theron (Lumen)

Adaptation Algorithms for Multi-CDN Parallel Strategy (20 mins)

Abdelhak Bentaleb (Atlastream)

How to Optimize ABR Video Delivery with Server-Side Quality Control (20 mins)

Guillaume Bichot (Broadpeak)

Traversing the First Mile is Harder than Traversing the Last Mile (20 mins)

Phil Cluff (Mux)

Optimal Multi-Screen Streaming (20 mins)

Yuriy Reznik (Brightcove)