mhv/2018 Proceedings

Day 1 Day 2
Video Encoding and HEVC ( and ) Algorithms and Formats for Adaptive Streaming ( and )
Into the Depths: The Technical Details behind AV1 ( and ) DASH and CMAF: The Standards’ Update ( and )
AV1 vs. HEVC: Perceptual Evaluation of Video Encoders ( and ) Advances in HTTP Live Streaming
Codec Comparison from TCO and Compression Efficiency Perspective ( and ) Low-Latency Live Streaming At Scale ( and )
VVC – The Next-Generation Video Standard of the Joint Video Experts Team ( and ) Interoperability for Linear Internet TV Services ( and )
Pushing Encoding Quality and Speed with x265 ( and ) Delivering Ultra Low-Latency Live Streaming with DASH and CMAF ( and )
Massively Parallel Encoding ( and ) HTML5 and Video ()
Video Coding and Delivery at Scale ( and ) Making Video Streams QUIC'er ( and )
Video Quality-of-Experience Assessment ( and ) A Look at the ROUTE Forward ( and )
HDR10+ Ecosystem Update ( and ) mABR: Deliver OTT to the Main Screen with the Same Efficiency as Broadcast ( and )
Dolby Vision: Production, Distribution and Display ( and ) dash.js Reference Player and QoE Metrics for Adaptive Streaming ( and )
An Overview of the ISO Base Media File Format ( and ) The Shaka Player ()
What is Happening with IMF? The File Format, not the Int. Monetary Fund ( and ) ESNI, ESAM and SCTE 35 in Adaptive Streaming ( and )
Production and Delivery of Next Generation Audio with MPEG-H Deploying Dynamic Ad Insertion with DASH, a Broadcasters Architecture ( and )
Coding and System Approaches for Next-Generation Audio ( and ) Content Protection in MPEG DASH ( and )
  ATSC 3.0 Content Protection ( and )
  Forensic Watermarking

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